Top 10 Richest Persons of Nepal

Nepal is a developing country. The rankings of the richest persons of Nepal do not remain constant. It gets changed every second. Most of the people of Nepal are billionaires. Although the country is facing lots of problems during these situations, many people have listed themselves as the billionaire due to their talent, hard work, and patience. 

Here is the list of Top 10 richest persons of Nepal. 

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Top 10 Richest Persons of Nepal as of 2022…

RankNameNet WorthAgeHometownCountry
Binod Chaudhary
$1.40 Billion
Kathmandu, Nepal
Shesh Ghale$1.18 BillionN/ALamjung, NepalNepal, Australia
Jamuna Gurung$1.18 BillionN/AMorang, NepalNepal, Australia
Upendra MahatoBetween $250 Million to  $900 Million61Siraha, NepalNepal
Ajeya SumargiBetween $20 to $350 Million57Hetauda, NepalNepal
Aditya Jha$100 MillionN/AJanakpur, NepalIndia, Canada
Jiba Lamichhane$100 Million54Chitwan, NepalNepal
Balram Chainrai

$70 Million 

62Okhaldhunga, NepalBritish, Nepal
Rajendra Kumar Khetan$150-500 Million50Makhan, KathmanduNepal
Gyanendra Shah$58 Million74KathmanduNepal

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Binod Chaudhary

Top 10 richest persons of Nepal

Binod Chaudhary is a Nepalese Business who is the richest person in Nepal. He is the owner of Chaudhary groups and the famous Nepalese noodle company Wai-Wai. He has been ruling Nepal in the list of richest people in Nepal over a period. He receives the position of 2,141st position in the World’s richest person with a net worth of US $1.40 Billion. He is feeling every single Nepalese proud to become the fewest Billionaires of Nepal.

He was born on April 14, 1955, in Kathmandu, Nepal to Lunkaran Das Chaudhary who was a businessman and his mother’s name is Ganga Devi Chaudhary. He was raised in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. He has two brothers Basant Chaudhary and Arun Chaudhary. He was good at Studies. As he was from a businessman’s family he was supposed to join Business as his further studies.

When he was 18, he was heading towards India for his Educational Career, his father got diagnosed with Heart Disease. It was a difficult situation for the family and Binod both as the doctor claimed that his father won’t continue the business. So, he decided to continue his father’s clothing company. It was the day when the richest person in Nepal was in the way of Success. He left his studies and concentrated on business. 

Since then, he never looked back. He started his own group named Chaudhary Group. He built a factory in 1984 which started selling Wai-Wai noodles. The Chaudhary Group recently released CG Telecom with one of the cheapest and fastest nets in Nepal holding 120 MBPS and it charges only NRs. 999 per month. He never goes back while the public needs support. Besides being the richest person in Nepal, he is a humble and down-to-earth man. He is one of the top 10 richest persons in Nepal.


Shesh Ghale is an Australian Businessman who is well known as the Chief Executive Officer of Melbourne Institute of Technology. He holds the citizenship of Australia and Nepal. He was born in Nepal. He is the 2nd richest person in Nepal. He holds a mighty net worth of US $1.18 Billion

He was born in the western part of Nepal in a village named Lamjung. He studied in his Civil Engineering Course under the Scholarship of the Nepal Government at Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University, Ukraine. He has a graduated with Master in Civil Engineering. When he returned to Nepal after achieving a degree from Ukraine, he was posted as a highway project engineer for the Nepalese Government’s Transport Department. Then he decided to settle in Australia living a happy life with family there. In 1990, he flew to Melbourne where in 1994 he received another degree of Master of Business Administration.

Currently, he is engaged at the Melbourne Institute of Technology. He is the CEO of the Melbourne Institute of Technology which he co-founded with her wife Jamuna Gurung who is also a billionaire. They founded this Institute in 1996. He is one of the top 10 richest persons in Nepal.


Jamuna Gurung is a Nepali, Australian businessman who is one of the richest personalities of Nepal. She is the wife of Nepalese-Australian Billionaire Shesh Ghale who is working with each other for a long-time. They are one of the richest couples in Nepal. She is in progress to develop Women’s Empowerment. She is one of the reasons behind raising the status of Women continuously. She holds a net worth of a total of US $1.18 Billion being the 78th richest Australian.

She pursued Business as her career. She is graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and Management. She achieved the qualification from the Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn, Australia. The couple founded an Institutional Technology in 1996 named Melbourne Institute of Technology. She is the co-founder and Managing Director of the Institute. She is one of the top 10 richest persons in Nepal.

Upendra Mahato


Upendra Mahato is a Nepalese Businessman being one of the richest People of Nepal. He is not just rich but also one of the highest-educated personalities of Nepal. He holds a degree of Doctor of Science and a Ph.D. He has generated his income at a rapid pace. He has covered the property of around US$250 Million to $900 Million. It’s difficult to mark his exact net worth because of rapid growth and downfall in his business.

The success that we are attached was not his early days’ life. He was born in a family of farmers in Siraha, Nepal. The days were struggling for him and the family due to a lack of income sources. In spite of poverty, he had dreamed of something big. He grabbed the situation that he suffered in childhood as his rivals. He was a bright student in his class. Through his past performances in education gave him chance to acquire higher education. He flew to Russia with a scholarship of an undergraduate degree in engineering after finishing high school.

He started doing a job there to improve his family’s conditions and sustain there. He worked as a trader of electronic goods and jeans. After achieving a Ph.D. degree in Soil Mechanics in 1996, he started a crude oil refinery called Syntez PVT LTD. in Belarus. He was starting his career in a stable way. He did not hurried to achieve the goal. He knew that it will take time but the day when he could achieve it, that will be the best moment of his life. So, he continuously worked hard. His first and Major investment in Nepal was in 2004 where he invested in one of the most popular telecommunication networks of Nepal, Ncell.

In 2003 he founded Non-Resident Nepali Association(NRNA) which is a great and helpful Association for every Nepalese foreign employer. It makes every Nepalese promoted and makes them feel secure to work. Currently, he is the president of the Russia-Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He dreamed big, struggled for it and now he has achieved higher than he dreamed. He is one of the most inspirational personalities of Nepal. He is one of the top 10 richest persons in Nepal.

Ajeya Sumargi


Ajeya Sumargi is a Nepalese businessman who is best known as one of the richest personalities of Nepal. He is the chairman of the Muktishree group of Companies. He has been posted as the executive director of the Nepal Satellite Telecom Pvt. Ltd. which was launched in February 2007 from the Mid-Western region of Nepal.

He was born on 1st September 1963 in Hetauda, Nepal. He is currently 58 years old. He was born in a middle-class family carrying big dreams. You Won’t see him in trending enough about him because he does not love to show off. He lives a normal life. To talk about his early career, he was the founding member of the Telecommunication Spice Nepal Private Limited. Its Brand name was Mero Mobile. It is the same brand that we currently know as the mighty Ncell which has spread its services throughout Nepal. Its first investment was Approximately 2 Billion a huge amount of money. 

On 22 December 2013 he announced at a press conference that his company would invest a total of Nepali Rupees 23 Billion in the Nepal Satelite Telecom, a new 5-star hotel, and for the new cement plant. Not just a rich businessman, he is a kind and humble man. He handed over a complete new temple investing a total of Nrs. 60.65 Million to Pashupatinath Area Development Trust and named the temple in tribute of his LATE father Madhavraj Summary. He knows the duty that a citizen should perform for his country besides self-development. He is one of the top 10 richest persons in Nepal.

Aditya Jha

Aditya Jha is an Indian Canadian Businessman who is a successful Entrepreneur Philanthropist and social activist. He is a well-known saint of Donation and Wellfares. He has been standing in the front during Problems. He has his own Charitable Foundation which he had named it Private Charitable Foundation which is an educational foundation. He is one of the wealthiest people coming up at the Top 10 Richest Person of Nepal. He is the owner of USD 100 Million Net Worth.

He was born in an Indian Family in Sitamarhi, Bihar, India. His father was a Lawyer professionally. His father practiced law in the Court of Sitamarhi, Bihar, India. He has received Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Hans Raj College Delhi University. For his further studies, he pursued M.S.c Mathematical Statistics and PG Diploma in Computer Science which he gained from Kurukshetra University, Haryana.

He started his Business Career in India and then he started working in Australia, Singapore, and other South Asian Countries. In 1994, he migrated to Canada and joined a telecommunication company of Canada which is named Bell Canada. After visioning his performance there, he was made the General Manager there. He had been the CEO (2013 to 2016)Of Euclid Infotech which is a software development company.

He has done several social works and philanthropy of many of the schools in Nepal by helping Nepal Library Foundation for setting up libraries in remote areas. He has been in the ‘One Laptop Per Child’ since 2008 which aims to develop the computer knowledge of every child. Since the project started he has distributed a total of 100 Laptops in remote areas of Nepal whereas another 100 computers and printers to dozen of schools in Kathmandu, Nepal. He loves his welfare works than his own profitable works. He is one of the kindest personalities in the World. He is one of the top 10 richest persons in Nepal.

Jiba Lamichhane


Jiba Lamichhane is a Nepali Businessman who is better known as the former president of the International Coordination Council(ICC) of the Non-Resident Nepali Association(NRNA). He is one of the founding members of NRNA with Upendra Mahato. He is one of the richest personalities of Nepal. He is the owner of almost $100 Million. He ranks in the Top 10 Lists of Wealthiest person of Nepal.

He was born in Chitwan, Nepal carrying big dreams. He was one of the children dedicated to his/her dream. He was a hard-working and bright student. He has special relations with Russia. He has worked there and studied there. He achieved MSC in Civil Engineering from Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. He has contributed a lot to the welfare of Nepal. He was standing in the front during India’s Blockade to Nepal at the International level. He is one of the charitable and down-to-earth people.

For his contribution to increasing Nepal’s economical status, he was awarded one of the most respected awards of Nepal ‘Prawal Janasewshree’ by the former president of Nepal Dr. Ram Baran Yadav. He has published a Travel Memoir which is titled ‘Sarsarti Sansaar’. His honesty and wellfares for the other one probably would be one of the reasons for his success that we are seeing today. He has several years to grow his status and won’t be further the richest person in Nepal. He is one of the top 10 richest persons in Nepal.

Balram Chainrai

Balram Chainrai is a Nepalese Entrepreneur and businessman who is currently one of the richest personalities of Nepal. He is the owner of a total of US $ 70 Million. He achieved fame after working in Hong Kong as his family lived there. He is currently 62 years old and has reached many steps of success. He is the founding member and the owner of The Chainrai Companies and Hornington Enterprises Ltd & Hiroshima Ltd. 

He was born in October of 1958 to an Amry Family. His father was a British Gorkha Army. He acquired his education from Hong Kong. Also, he started doing business from early life. He grabbed a lot of experience as he worked as a businessperson early. He established his own core business in trading and started manufacturing consumer electronics goods. The little steps made him one of the successful and believable entrepreneurs of Hong Kong.

His continuous progress and experience in the field of business made him the vice-chairman of the Indan Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong between 2001 to 2006. In 2007, he became the president of the chamber. Being one of the richest Nepalese people doesn’t feel him prouder than he thinks being a well-wisher of society. He has been engaged in several charitable works and organizations. He is a Rotarian(member of Rotary International) which means he brings the business leader into humanitarian service and peace around the world. He is not only the richest person in Nepal but also the son of society. He is one of the top 10 richest persons in Nepal.

Rajendra Kumar Khetan


Rajendra Kumar Khetan is a Nepalese entrepreneur better known for the high profile that he achieved in his career. Due to his successful business history, he comes up on the list of the wealthiest person in Nepal. He holds a total net worth of $58 million. He is the owner of the Khetan Group which is the oldest business family in Nepal. All Nepalese are well known about the highly reputed Laxmi Bank and PrimeLife Insurance, he is the chairman there. He is the president of the Nepal Brittain Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

He was born on December 7, 1990, to one of the Business Tycoons of Nepal none other than LATE Mohan Gopal Khetan in Kathmandu. He was well known about business since his childhood as he used to listen to the ideas from his father. He completed his high schooling at Adarsh Vidhya Mandir, Lalitpur. For further education, he joined one of the highest reputed universities of Nepal, Tribhuvan University.

His interest was in Business. So, he continued his traditional business. He was well experienced in the innovations of Business that helped him to achieve several stages of Business at a young age. His traditional business group, Khetan’s Business Group is a total of 170 years old. He started importing goods and types of machinery from highly developed countries such as England, America, etc.  You can estimate his income just from here too.

Instead of having enough economy to live a luxurious life, he loves to sustain a simple life and neglects big gatherings. He mostly appears in social functions than his own parties. He is currently one of the best and richest Businessmen of Nepal holding shares in different high-status banks and commerce sectors and some of them are his own.  He is one of the top 10 richest persons in Nepal.

Gyanendra Shah


Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev is the former King of Nepal. He is well known for his family background. He belongs to the Royal Shah family. Due to belonging to the Royal Family, he has a heavy income of $58 Million. He was the Last King of Nepal. After his resignation, democracy came into existence in Nepal after the successful People’s Movement II.

He was born on 7 July 1947 to the former King of Nepal, Mahendra. He was sent to India for education. He had attended St. Joseph’s College in Darjiling, India. For further education and graduation, he came back to Nepal and joined the very first university of Nepal, Tribhuvan University. He was the younger son of Mahendra. So, he didn’t have to attend politics at that time. His elder brother King Birendra Bir Bikram Dev came into politics to help his father. Gyanendra was busy with environmental and conservationist organizations

He was living a happy life. But it was not long-term happiness. His beautiful life went out and thrashed after the Murder of his Brother, King Birendra. Birendra was the most loved king of citizens in history. The whole of Nepal was happy with his ruling. But on the very first day of June 2001, 8 members of the Royal Shah Family including King Birendra were assassinated by Birendra’s own son Prince Dipendra(he shot himself on the same day and went into the coma and died on 4th June). Due to this, he was called to rule over. He was ruling in a daunting period and was afraid of citizens because the Nepalese were thinking that he also did it for the throne.

The election was held in May 2008 where Maoists won the most seats. Though he had to resign from the post. He resigned on May 8th, 2008, and left the palace on the 11th of June. He is currently living a private life as a citizen and a Businessman. He is married to Queen Komal of Nepal and has a son named Paras Shah living a decent life. He is one of the top 10 richest persons in Nepal.

FAQs About Top 10 richest persons of Nepal?

Binod Chaudhary is listed as the Richest Person of Nepal with a wealthy net worth of US $ 1.40 Billion.

CG net is founded by the Chaudhari group. Binod Chaudhary controls CG Corp Global and is Nepal’s sole billionaire. 

Binod Chaudhary have $1.40 Billion. His main source of income is Wai-Wai company. This company produces Noodles.

The age of Binod Chaudhary is 66. He was born on April 14, 1955.

Binod Chaudhary is richer than Shesh Ghale. Binod Chaudhary has a net worth of $1.40 Billion whereas Shesh Ghale has a net worth of $1.18 Billion.

The Age of Upendra mahoto is 61. 

Jiba Lamichhane has net worth of $100 million.


If we go through the rankings of the richest person, We can find fluctuation in the rankings. Rankings get changed every second. So we look to the overall average in a ranking of a month. We promise our visitors that we will be providing you more reliable and accurate rankings. 

We have prepared this ranking by looking at the online research Wikipedia, forbes, interview and news. If you see any wrong information in this, please contact us and if you like it, then share and comment.

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