Top 10 Most Famous K-pop Male Rappers 2022

If you were thinking to know about the famous K-Pop Rappers Male, then this one is for you. We have collected the Top 10 Most Famous K-pop Male Rappers 2022.

The success of K-pop has been significantly assisted by male rappers. Their incredible rap compositions have brought them notice on a worldwide platform. The top 10 male K-pop rappers are listed here in the rankings category of this blog. Continue reading the articles and then make a comment also with name of your best K-pop rapper.

Top 10 Most Famous K-pop Male Rappers 2022
Top 10 Most Famous K-pop Male Rappers 2022
RankNameNet WorthAge
1.RM$30 Million27
2.Suga$30 Million29
3.G-Dragon$35 Million33
4.Jinjin$4 Million26
5.Zico$5 Million29
6.Sehun$11 Million28
7.Minho$10 Million  30
8.Taeyong$8 Million 27
9.J-Hope$26 Million28
10.Chanyeol$8 Million29

Rapper, singer, composer, and model Park Chan-Yeol is a stylish Kpop musician who was born in South Korea. After listening to Yoo Young-jin, the dynamic personality of the k-pop industry developed a passion for music as a teenager.

The handsome celebrity developed an interest in rapping before making his stage debut. In 2014, the final EXO member chosen, 2012, garnered admiration for his rap song “Run.” Chanyeol shared a screen appearance on the musical film The Box in 2021.

9. J-Hope


The most well rappers in K-pop right now is Jung Ho-Seok, better known by his onstage name as J-HOPE. He is also a gifted singer and dancer. He was a talented dancer and a member of a dance team before making his BTS debut. His early love of dancing inspired him to pursue music.

He made his BTS debut on June 13, 2013, and has been actively featured in every BTS album’s discography since then. Hope World was his debut solo mixtape. He became the first member of BTS to have a solo song chart on the Hot 100 thanks to his work with Becky G on the song Chicken Noodle Soup. The President of South Korea awarded him the Order of Cultural Merit in 2018.

8. Taeyong


Another well-known Kpop rapper, songwriter, singer, and dancer is Lee Tae-Yong. He made his NCT debut in 2016 and simultaneously released his first digital song with the group. He released singles, mini albums, albums, and OST in 2017 while working with artists from SM Entertainment and other labels. He is also a rapper, songwriter, and composer.

His debut single as a solo artist, Long Flight, saw him reach position #6 on the Billboard World digital song sales list in 2019. The same year, he was accepted into the Super M group, whose album peaked at number one on the Billboard Top 100 chart. He was introduced by SM as the group’s head in September 2020. He created a SoundCloud account and posted a number of music there.

7. Minho


Minho made his debut with SHINee in 2008 and has since become a singer, rapper, model, actor, and songwriter. Minho was chosen in 2011 to represent youth as an ambassador, and UNICEF was chosen to represent the Unihero champions.

He has been named the K League ambassador for 2021 by the Korean football federation. Minho made her debut in Korean music in 2008 after beginning her modeling career. In addition to producing rap lyrics for songs like Graze, Loves Way from the album The SHINee, Minho started his acting career in 2010 with Pianist. Minho performed an extraordinary performance that increased his popularity and led him to plan a tour to see his followers in 2019.

6. Sehun


One of the well-known and renowned Kpop stars Sehun is sixth among the top 10 male rappers in K-pop. Sehun also performs as a dancer, actress, and singer. He began working with SM Entertainment when he was just 12 years old. He joined EXO and EXO-K as their fifth official member in January 2012.

He won a Chinese networking site’s viewer’s choice award in 2016, and in 2018 he played the lead in the Korean-Chinese film Catman. Then he started working on Korean-targeted movies and web dramas. After the Korean wave limitation there, his movie is the first Korean star work to ever be released in China.

5. Zico


Zico is a charismatic, multi-talented, and stylish South Korean idol. He did, however, make his official entrance in 2009 as Harmonics through The Letter.

The talented performer started his career in record producing in 2014 after having a good solo performance in 2010. The artist’s record-breaking single She’s a Baby is also on the hit list. Zico, the South Korean nation’s 2018 idol, was chosen to represent South Korea’s culture in a North Korean competition. Throughout 86 nominations, he received 31 wins, including the Asia Artist Awards, Gaon Chart Music Awards, and numerous others.

4. JinJin


The stage name Jinjin belongs to Park Jin-woo, a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, model, and actor. After two years as a trainee with Fantagio, Jinjin made his South Korean debut in 2016 as the primary rapper and leader of the ASTRO 6 member boy band.

The K-pop rapper completed his degree with a dance emphasis, and he also took part in a number of Islan dance competitions. His enthusiasm inspired him to write a number of songs for the band in addition to acting. He was nominated for 20 awards and received 14.

3. G-Dragon


The stage name G Dragon is used by South Korean rapper Kwon- Ji-Yong. One of K-pop groups’ most well-liked male rappers is this chic talent. He also works as a fashion designer, performer, record producer, and songwriter. This Big Bang member is renowned as the epitome of a fashionista.

Due to a contract issue, G- Dragons started his career at age 6. Fortunately, SM Entertainment found him and he was able to begin his career. The South Korean rapper rose to fame with his 2009 solo debut and promotional run. The 32-year-old musician is said to be dating Jinnie (of Blackpink), and South Korean media has confirmed this information.

2. Suga


The second-most well-known male K-pop rappers are Min Yoongi, better known by his stage as Suga, and Agust D. He is well-known for his brutal and catchy rapping. One of the BTS members, Suga, is a major hit entertainment-signed member of the K-pop boy band.

At the age of 13, he began creating songs after developing an interest in rapping. By the age of 17, he had been writing music, rapping, performing, and arranging it while also working at a recording studio.

He made his BTS debut in 2013, produced numerous songs for albums, and composed lyrics in addition to his solo releases. As a member of BTS, he was given the Order of Cultural Merit honor by the president of South Korea in 2018.

1. RM


BTS’s frontman is Rap Monster Kim Nam-Joon, also known as RM. He is currently the most well-known male rapper in Kpop. He also writes songs and produces music. He became interested in hip-hop music as a child and moved on to lyricism. He began rapping in hip-hop scenes around 2007. He first joined BTS as a trainee in 2010, then on June 13, 2013, he made his official BTS debut.

He worked with numerous foreign and Korean singers on March 17, 2015. Along with other BTS members, he was awarded an Order of Cultural Merit by the South Korean President in 2018 for promoting their culture.

FAQs About Top 10 Most Famous K-pop Male Rappers 2022?

According to a statement issued by Big Hit Music, “It’s not true that RM and RM are married. We are currently moving quickly to put an end to damaging rumors that were spread on YouTube.” The members of BTS have previously been connected to fans. BTS V, also known as Kim Taehyung, allegedly dated a fan in 2018.

to suck; to draw into, usually without physical contact, by any method using an attractive force. (Slang) to be bad; to be subpar.

K-Pop superstar G-Dragon celebrated the conclusion of his military service with a series of touching images. The celebrity, a part of the venerable K-Pop group Big Bang, was formally released from his required duty on October 26.

JinJin has two tattoos: a large crown on his right chest and a writing design with the words “Don’t seek money, make money chase you.” on the left side of his torso. If I treat myself well, others will too. Change up the procedure. Always be modest.”

On November 23, 2018, Seven Seasons revealed that while the other six members of Block B had renewed their contracts, only Zico had not.

Sehun from EXO has been chosen to play the lead in the upcoming Love, Hara High School romantic K-drama on TVING (literal title).

On November 15, 2020, Choi’s military obligation was fulfilled. Choi started up again in January 2021 as a member of Shinee. Additionally, he increased his appearances on numerous shows, including a major role in the reality series Law of the Jungle – Pioneers and a guest appearance in the web series Lovestruck in the City.

Normal leadership duties fall under the purview of the subunit leaders because NCT generally promotes within subunits.

When Hoseok was 8 years old, his mother took him to an amusement park. While they were playing hide and seek, Hoseok’s mother chose to leave him alone with a Snickers bar rather than go into hiding. After that, he was placed in an orphanage, where he spent the next ten years.

In two logo songs created to commemorate SBS PowerFM’s 20th Anniversary, which took place in November 2016, he is listed as one of the composers and lyricists under the name LOEY.


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