Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses 2022

Follow this list of the top 10 most beautiful Hollywood actresses in 2022 if you want to discover who the most attractive Hollywood actresses are in 2022.

We all know that glamorous and attractive women are a major draw in Hollywood films. They are also responsible for the Hollywood film industry’s worldwide success. We’ve seen a lot of gorgeous Hollywood actresses in the past, but now it’s time to find out who the top ten most attractive actresses in Hollywood are right now in 2022. Let’s go over the list and leave a remark with the name of your favorite attractive Hollywood actress.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses 2022
Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses 2022
RankNameNet WorthAge
1.Alexandra Daddario$10 Million36
2.Sophie Turner$10 Million26
3.Dakota Johnson$15 Million32
4.Elizabeth Olsen$11 Million33
5.Margot Robbie$26 Million31
6.Charlotte McKinney$1 Million28
7.Emma Roberts$25 Million31
8.Jennifer Lawrence$130 Million31
9.Ariel Winter Workman$20 Million24
10.Sydney Sweeney$4 Million24



Sydney Bernice Sweeney is an American actress who was born in Spokane, Washington, in 1997. She was an enthusiastic sports athlete as a child and later moved into acting. Everything Sucks, Clementine, and The White Lotus are just a few of the films and dramas that this Hollywood actress has appeared in.

Sydney is a stunning actress who is always well-dressed for red carpet events and pays close attention to the smallest of details. To raise her profile, she has appeared on the covers of various magazines. In February 2022, she supposedly got engaged to her boyfriend, restauranteur Johnathan Davino. She has 12.9 million Instagram followers and will act in the superhero picture Madam Web in 2022.

9. Ariel Winter Workman


Ariel Winter Workman is an American actor and voice artist who began her career in commercials as a kid artist. She went on to star in the first sitcom, Listen Up!, and the finest film of 2005, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Her role as Alex Dunphy in the sitcom Modern Family contributed to her fame and fortune. This figure has evolved well throughout the years, experimenting with many styles and carrying them off gracefully. Apart from Alex, which lasted 12 years, Bambi 02, Phineas and Ferb, and Sofia The First are some of the voice roles that have earned her fame, honors, and media attention.

Ariel has 4.9 million Instagram followers and is now working on the films Don’t Log Off and Crimelands. Her fascinating figure and charisma earn her the ninth spot on this list of Hollywood’s most beautiful women.

8. Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Shrader Lawrence, a model and actress from Hollywood, was born in 1990. She is a stunning woman on the inside and out, a feminist and philanthropist who works tirelessly to improve society.

This Hollywood beauty queen has won multiple honors and starred in several successful films, making her a well-known actress. She is well-known for showing her stunning Dior ensembles on red carpets and at fashion events. Jennifer Lawrence is the founder of the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation and a Dior brand ambassador. Aside from that, she’s been featured in the Maxim Hot 100, the Hottest Hollywood Actresses, and the 100 Sexiest Women lists.

7. Emma Roberts


One of the sexiest young female stars Emma Roberts was born in 1991 and is a well-known American actress, model, and singer. With the series Unfabulous, she rose to fame at the age of 14. Her singing career is highly regarded, in addition to garnering honors for her varied acting. She is a spokesperson for a number of companies, including Neutrogena and The Pretty Women Collection.

Roberts has a terrific sense of style and has been named Best Dressed in Teen Vogue several times for her stunning beauty. She is most likely the first pregnant celebrity to appear in Cosmopolitan magazine. Emma and her spouse Garrett Hedlund divorced in 2022 after having a son together, Rhodes Robert Hedlund.

6. Charlotte McKinney


Charlotte Ann McKinney was born in Orlando, Florida, in the year 1993. She is supposedly a full-time model and Instagram-famous Hollywood actor. She utilizes Instagram to garner attention because she has had little success with agencies. Later on, she signed with Wilhelmina Models and made multiple magazine covers.

Charlotte has a great figure, which adds to her allure. Her commercial with Carl Jr. for the All-Natural Burger increased her popularity and earned her the moniker as the next Kate Upton. Charlotte has 1.8 million Instagram followers, and her most popular films include Baywatch, Joe Dirt 2, Fantasy Island, and Phobias. She is, without a question, the hottest and most gorgeous Hollywood actress in 2022.

5. Margot Robbie


Margot Elise Robbie is a stunning Hollywood actress who was born in Dalby, Australia on July 2, 1990. She is also a philanthropist, producer, and voice artist. She also promotes rights in society such as gender equality, women’s rights, and LGBT equality.

Margot was set on pursuing acting professionally, so she relocated to Melbourne with a few commercials and film credits under her belt. She is a stunning and versatile Hollywood actress who has gained acclaim for films such as The Legend of Tarzan, Bombshell, and I Tonya. She is on the list of the world’s most influential individuals and is ranked #1 as the Sexiest Woman in the World, among other things, because of her beauty.

Robbie’s reputation grew as a result of her appearances in various magazines and at fashion events. She married filmmaker Tom Auckley and they founded LuckyChap Entertainment together. In 2020, they released Promising Young Women, and in 2021, they released Maid (mini-series). Babylon, Amsterdam, and Barbie are among Elise’s upcoming projects.

4. Elizabeth Olsen


Elizabeth Chase Olsen is the fourth most attractive actress in Hollywood. At the age of three, one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses made her acting debut. In her early acting days, Mary and Ashley Olsen shared screen time with her. Martha Marcy May Marlene is the film in which Olsen’s skill gets recognized. Silent House, Godzilla, and The Avenger trilogy are among her best films.

Olsen’s most recent films, WandaVision and Doctor Strange, have helped her attain international prominence. She and her brother have a fashion business called Elizabeth and James, which is now owned by Kohl, as well as a parallel label called The Row. She is married to musician Robbie Arnette, with whom she co-wrote Haatie Harmony, which will be released in 2022.

3. Dakota Johnson


When it comes to the most attractive Hollywood actresses in 2022, we can’t leave out Dakota Johnson, one of the most gorgeous women on the planet. She is a well-known American actress, model, and producer who was born in Texas in 1989. She is a fantastic actress who began her career at the age of 10 and rose to prominence with the film Jump Street.

Dakota is noted for her iconic roles and dramatic ability, having won multiple honors for her exceptional performances in films such as The Fifty Shades of Grey, Beastly, and The High Note. Ro Donnelly produced various films and music videos under her production company TeaTime Pictures, including Unfit and Cult.

Her directing debut was with the music video Cry Cry Cry, which included her boyfriend, Chris Martin. Dakota and Martin, who live in California, have been dating since 2017. In Madame Web, a superhero film, and Cha Cha Real Smooth in 2022 are among her next ventures. She is a Gucci brand ambassador and has 4.7 million Instagram followers.

2. Sophie Turner


Sophie Belinda Turner is an actor, narrator, and producer from England. She clearly belongs in the top 10 most attractive actors in Hollywood in 2022. She is also considered one of the most attractive British women in 2022. In the HBO television series Game of Thrones, she made a successful debut. At the age of 14, the character has a large fan base and has received worldwide recognition and plaudits for his dynamic acting.

Sophie appeared in a number of films in addition to the HBO series, cementing her place in the business and in the hearts of fans. She is a strong supporter of social concerns and has joined one such organization, Women for Women. She is a Wella hair ambassador who has appeared in print for Louis Vuitton.

Sophie is married to Joe Jonas, an American musician who is seeing a singer who is four years her junior. This stunning Hollywood actress exudes an outstanding presence that makes her stand out. She has 5 million Facebook fans and 14.8 million Instagram followers.

1. Alexandra Daddario


Alexandra Anna Daddario, undoubtedly one of the world’s top actresses, will be the most beautiful actress in Hollywood in 2022. With her dazzling beauty and acting abilities, this beautiful blue-eyed American actress wins hearts. Her popularity began with the Percy Jackson series, which is a testament to her unique and appealing appearance.

Baywatch, San Andreas, and The White Lotus are among her most notable films. Her voice was also heard in Superman: The Man of Tomorrow. She’s also participated in a number of music videos, including Radioactive in 2012, which has over 1 billion views. She is a brand ambassador for multiple companies and has graced the pages of numerous magazines.

FAQs About Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses 2022?

She has been in a relationship with producer Andrew Form since 2021. They announced their engagement on December 2, 2021.

Sansa Stark was played by Sophie Turner, who was 15 when Game of Thrones initially aired on HBO. Sophie played Sansa Stark in the hit HBO series when she was 15 years old. She is one of the few cast members who has appeared in every season of the show.

Dakota Johnson finished a 30-day inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program at the Visions Teen Treatment Center in Malibu for drug and alcohol addiction in September of 2007.

Olsen began trying for other projects while she was in fourth grade, after appearing in her sisters’ videos. She auditioned for the film Spy Kids. In 2004, she was on the verge of quitting acting due to the media frenzy around Mary-eating Kate’s condition.

Twitter speculates about the actress’s departure from Instagram.

Fans believe the 31-year-old erased her Instagram account as part of her social media break, which she declared in June. “Jumping off social media for the time being,” Robbie wrote at the time.

Her current net worth as of 2022 is $1 Million.

The actress posted a video of herself and her niece having fun. Julia Roberts made a video for her niece Emma Roberts’ birthday.

Since 2019, the couple has been married.

Jennifer Lawrence, the queen of honesty, has met her right match. The actress has been married to Cook Maroney since October 2019 after getting engaged in early 2019.

The actress who played Alex Dunphy on Modern Family recently sold her Los Angeles house for nearly $4 million and relocated with her partner to a new (undisclosed) state in search of a more quiet and “normal” life.

As of 2022, she is 24.


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