Following an unsuccessful hair transplant, Robbie Williams is considering wearing a wig on tour.

Robbie Williams

After his hair transplant failed, Robbie Williams confessed that he is considering wearing a wig on tour.

The Angels singer, 48, underwent a hair transplant and expensive follicular growth treatments in the past.

However, both surgeries failed to produce the desired results, so he may be taking a less difficult path.

Robbie shared the following information: “I’m thinking about buying a wig.

“There are these amazing wigs that you can get now; you have to cut off all of your hair and then have it stuck on with adhesive for a few weeks.”

“I might actually do it solely for touring,” he told Australian radio.

Robbie Williams with Friends

When he’s on stage, the Take That star says he thinks he’s still 27,’ but the large screen film reminds him otherwise.

“When I’m on stage and giving it my all, I’m looking at them like I’m still 27,” he explained.

Then I turn around and see a 40-foot version of myself with three necks, and there’s a light beaming on the top of my head that makes it appear like a baby’s a**e, and I start to worry about my thinning hair.”

He talked about embracing his receding hair and experimenting with different styles back in 2021.

I’m losing my hair, I’m thinning, and I thought instead of fighting it, I should just lean into it,” Robbie, who is married to Ayda Field, added.

“The first thing I did was do a number one all over and see how it turned out. That seemed reasonable to me.

“Then I decided to shave a Mohican while Ayda was out.” This is what occurred.”

He’s going to take the simpler route this time.

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