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Casey Mahoney
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Name: Casey Mahoney

Profession: Musician, Drug Prevention Speaker

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Full Name:Casey Mahoney
Profession:Musician, Drug Prevention Speaker, Basketball Player
Famous for:Musician
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Birthday:August 13, 1976

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Who is Casey Mahoney? About Musician

Casey Mahoney is a famous musician from Los Angeles, California. He is an athlete, author, and drug prevention speaker too. He worked as CEO of Healing path Recovery for 2 years. 

Casey Mahoney never drank in his whole life. He helps people to fight against bad habits of drugs and addiction.

Casey Mahoney Career

Casey Mahoney is a skillful person. He prefers a business to the job. He currently owned a healing Path Detox institution in Los angles. The Objective of Healing Path Detox is to make treatment more accessible to addicts who are ready to get cleaned.

As the CEO of Healing Path Recovery,  He succeeded in bringing a high level of medical and therapeutic care to drug addicts. The office was certified by Joint Commission and gotten the Incidental Medical Services to permit from the territory of California.

He is a musician and works as a drug prevention speaker too. His own website where he use to write his own experience. You can visit to read his blog.

Casey Worked in Prevention Field Too

Casey worked in the prevention field beginning in 1998 at the  Queens Community House Beacon Program. 

The idea for the Beacon Programs of the last part of the 90s was that adolescents in metropolitan areas are in danger for illicit drug use and are probably going to engage with drug dealing except if steps are taken to keep them on the correct way. This program served 1500-2500 youngsters each year in Queens, New York City.

From 1998-2004, Casey worked in the Beacon Program as their Men’s Development Specialist, making and carrying out exercises that would draw in adolescents into positive pursuits while additionally setting out a freedom for casual directing.

Drug Prevention Program By Casey Mahoney

Casey Mahoney is accessible in the Southern California region to give a tomfoolery and intelligent program to youngsters from grades 7-12. His show, named “Sober Superpowers,” features the likely that exists in every one of us assuming we choose to focus on a long period of moderation.

While most speakers recount an alarming biography of compulsion and hopelessness, Casey adds the point of view of somebody who grew up encompassed by substance misuse, yet decided never to attempt medications or liquor.

Where could your life at any point take you assuming you choose to be an individual who won’t ever take one beverage or attempt one medication? Casey argues that there’s a decent opportunity you will wind up more joyful, more fruitful, and more satisfied than the people who decided to explore different avenues regarding medications and liquor.

About Casey Mahoney’s BasketBall Career

As I mentioned above, He is an athlete and basketball player too. He was a 6’5 and 180-pound centre/forward for St. John’s High School and Adelphi University in New York. Casey was group chief and MVP at St. John’s under mentors Ron Alfieri and Gus Alfieri in 1994. In 1996, Adelphi won the NCAA/NYCAC gathering title under lead trainer Steve Clifford (presently with the NBA’s Orlando Magic).

Casey Mahoney’s Book

As per several reports, He is about to launch his own book named “ Never Been Drunk “. This book “ Never been Drunk “ is scheduled to release in late 2022.  In this book, He’ll share detailed experiences about his life journey. 

Personal Life:

Age (as in 2022):45 -46 Years
Date of Birth:August 13, 1976
Birth Place:Baton Rouge, LA, California
Hometown:Baton Rouge, LA, California
Languages Known:English
Tattoos:No Tattoos

Physical Status:

Height (approx.):5’8″ (in ft. & in.)
Weight(approx.):70 Kg
Body Measurements (approx.):Blonde
Eye Colour:Dark Brown
Hair Colour:Brown
Shoe Size:30-26-35

Casey Mahoney Music

Casey Mahoney Contact Details

Facebook: Not Known

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