Inside Bruce Willis’ Support System: Current Wife Responds to Rumors of Demi Moore Moving In to Care for Actor’s Dementia

According to a recent report, Demi Moore lives under the same roof as her ex-husband Bruce Willis and his current wife, Emma Heming. On March 8, a source told that Demi had moved in and would stay until the very end.

Emma Heming, Bruce’s wife, refuted it later in the day. “Let’s stop this in its tracks. This is ridiculous. Please halt “In her Instagram Stories, she wrote.

Demi Moore and Bruse Willis
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

With a 13-year marriage and three children between them, Bruce and Demi have been close for a long time.

The source informed Radar that while initially nobody outside the family could comprehend Demi’s decision to live with her ex and his new wife, it now makes sense. Demi has been a pillar for the family and is committed to making sure that every moment of time Bruce has left on earth is filled with love.

Bruce’s family revealed in March of last year that the “Pulp Fiction” actor was retiring as a result of a disorder called aphasia, which impairs one’s capacity for verbal communication (including speaking, writing, and understanding language). In addition to his struggle with aphasia, the family then revealed last month that he had been diagnosed with dementia.

The source said, “Now Bruce will depart before [Demi] does.

Bruce Willis

As a result of viewing photos taken by paparazzi of her husband having coffee with friends on Sunday, March 5, Emma published a PSA about him.

“If you’re caring for someone with dementia, you know how challenging and frustrating it can be to get them out into the world and manage them safely — even just to grab a cup of coffee,” she added. “Clearly, a lot more knowledge needs to be put forth in the spirit of raising awareness for dementia.”
Emma went on to beg photographers to give Bruce some “space” if they encounter him out and about.
Let him travel securely from point A to point B with our family or anyone else is with him that day, she pleaded.

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